Standing Meditation

Standing Meditation, traditionally known as Zhan Zhuang, or "Post Standing", is an ancient practice in various cultures, and has at its more modern roots, the Chinese Martial Art known as Yiquan or "Mind Intent Boxing". It's founder, GrandMaster Wang Xiangzhai, (1885-1963) experimented with and then refined the practice and formally included it as an important pillar in his Martial Art teaching. Wang Xiangzhai saw that the consistent practice of standing in stillness developed deep relaxation, considerable postural strength, mental awareness and acute sensitivity that could then be utilized in improving one's martial skills. Wang Xiangzhai was known to display awsome feats of power and always spoke of Zhan Zhuang as the source of his high level and well respected martial skills.

Practicing Standing Meditation without a martial art focus allows the same benefits to be refined and enjoyed by those not necessarily interested in developing martial skills. We incorporate Standing Meditation to enhance our Tai Chi and to enjoy the benefits of this terrific practice in our day-to-day lives. Releasing muscular tension, developing and maintaining great posture and basking in the quietness of meditation are what we strive to cultivate from our Standing Meditation practice.