Howard Peck has been a student of Tai Chi Chuan since 1988 when he began studying the Cheng Man-ch'ng Yang Style Short Form with Andrew Heckert in Philadelphia. From 1993-2003, he studied the Yang Style Long Form, the Tai Chi Straight Sword and various other Tai Chi forms, practices and philosophy with Master Tsong-Yuan Ho in Harleysville, PA.

Over the years Howard has taken many workshops with leading Tai Chi Teachers throughout the U.S. Recently, his interest in Standing Meditation has led him to attend workshops with Master Fong Ha and with Master Sam Tam, both innovative Tai Chi teachers who emphasize Standing Meditation as a strong foundation to Tai Chi.

Since 2005 Howard has been studying Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan with Dr. Xianhao Cheng from Philadelphia. Howard is fortunate in having Dr. Cheng help him continously refine his practice of the Long Form and Push Hands, as well as with the Sword, Saber and Spear.

Howard began teaching in 1999. His classes emphasize the  importance of open, relaxed unbroken flow of movement, proper posture and an attentive mind.