WARM-UP, STRETCHING AND BREATHING - Moderate but effective stretching begins each   class. We practice a distinct routine that you will quickly learn so that you may  practice at home as well. Also, a Four  Posture Deep Breathing Qigong Set will be taught, that is typically done at the end of each class

STANDING MEDITATION (ZHAN ZHUANG )-Standing Meditation is a common practice in Tai Chi and other Chinese Martial Arts. It develops strong relaxed posture, rooted balance and mental calm.      click here for more details. Standing Meditation is usually practiced each and every class

THE TAI CHI FORM - The Form is the foundation of our practice. We practice the Traditional Yang Style Long Form. Our Form is divided into 3 distinct sections. When performed at the traditional slow pace, the whole form takes about 20 minutes to complete. To learn the whole Form by memmory, if one practices at home, usually takes 8-10 months.

BASIC TRAINING - Our basic training involves practicing one posture or a very short sequence of multiple postures, repetitivley, so we can learn and correct our movements with efficiency

PUSH HANDS - Push Hands is a wonderfully intense two person interactive "martial" excercise. Push Hands practice develops sensitivity, relaxation and cooperation between partners. It teaches us the value of using softness to overcome hardness and yielding to overcome agressivness. Push Hands is introduced after 2-3 months of practicing the Form

TAI CHI WEAPONS - Working with weapons allows for wonderful variety in our Tai Chi Journey. We practice the 3 traditional weapons of Yang Style Tai Chi, which are, Straight Sword, Saber and Spear. Weapon Forms are practiced in a slightly more faster pace than the "bare hand" Tai Chi Form. The Weapon Forms are challanging to learn, demanding to excel in, fun to practice and beautiful to watch. The Tai Chi Sword is the first weapon taught. It is introduced after the 2nd section of the Form is learned, which usually happens after about 6 months from starting